2019, November Sphynxes on University Embankment of Neva, Egypt bridge, amazing Egyptian Hall in Hermitage… Now Thoth pyramid in lovely Istinka village stays in line.

Thoth pyramid is the exact replica of Cheops pyramid scaled 1/19 of original structure. It’s situated in Istinka village, Gatchina district of Leningrad Oblast, 12 km south from St. Petersburg.

Thoth Pyramid is rather impressive – it towers nine meters above ground and the descends to the same depth beneath the earth. The Thothal weight exceeds 400 tons. Thoth Pyramid is the exact and precise replica of Cheops pyramid with all the internal chambers and even sarcophagus.
Thoth pyramid is the first part of the Thoth-Maat temple that will consist of two mutually complimentary objects – Thoth Pyramid and Maat Temple. Pyramid was finished in November 2019 The temple construction now is in progress – the groundworks have been finished.

Thoth-Maat temple supervisor – PHD in engineering, associate professor, author of numerous scientific works, lectures, publications on Egypt culture and history Svetlana Pavlova.
Cheops pyramid replica creators are Andrey and Victoria Vakhrushev. They have been studying the ancient Egyptian technologies for many years now, carried ceremonies in Egyptian temples and pyramids.
Thoth-Maat temple is not just The Great Pyramid of Giza replica in St. Petersburg, it’s the way to bring here the sacred means of Healing and Spiritual Path available before only to Pharaohs and their Supreme Priests.
That’s why the primary objective of Thoth-Maat temple is the studying of Egyptian ancient constructions influence on human physical body conditions, mentality, subconscious mind, superpowers.
Also in Thoth-Maat temple, we study qualities and characteristics of water from the inner well. Ancient Russian legends define such structured water as “Live” and “Death”. There’re already certain statistics and positive results of using the water structured in a certain way in the Thoth pyramid.

But we’re not only carrying out studies, we also share the knowledge. The knowledge of ancient Atlantes and their Egyptian followers how to build a pyramid that really works.

You can contact us via mail or phone to discuss all question about Pyramid.
Learn more about Thoth-Maat temple and Thoth pyramid from video

Exclusive esoteric tours of Egypt.
Victoria Vakhrusheva have been studying the ancient Egyptian technologies more than 10 years and now she organizes amazing and exclusive esoteric tours.
Victoria: «This year, my team and I are celebrating the tenth anniversary of my first trip to Egypt with a group of Russian-speaking esoteric tourists.
My name’s Victoria, and I’m known in Russia not only for my esoteric and exotic tours. Last year, I built a 9-metre-high pyramid under Saint Petersburg, an exact replica of the Cheops pyramid. This pyramid, the pyramid of the Thoth, is not just a copy of the Great Pyramid, but a temple working mystical object, the result of my 20-year deep study of the science and magic of the ancient Egyptians.
And for the last 10 years in Egypt, my groups and I have practiced and learned this knowledge.
How can I organize tour, which allow us to read Egypt as an open book?
The fact is that I have an administrative resource throughout Egypt that allows us to work in silence in any temple, to visit places closed to tourists. My group has exclusive opportunities, preferences and access throughout Egypt. For example, official individual night access to the Sphinx when the Giza plateau is closed to everyone. Or two hours in the Cheops Pyramid, open only to members of my group, when all levels of the Great Pyramid are available. The group can officially and therefore quietly, for two or four hours, lie in a sarcophagus, spend in the pyramids of the Mystery.

All these amazing opportunities are provided by our wonderful guide from Egipt, who knows his country well. His work allows him to be and meditate where ordinary tourists are never allowed.
Everyone who’s worked with us says these are the best esoteric tours they’ve ever been on. People not only open up new places and opportunities in this beautiful country, but also acquire the unique knowledge that is so necessary for the Spiritual Path, for finding and realizing Themselves and Eternity. And where else to get it, as in the most ancient and mysterious country, cradles of later great cultures!
When it is said that Ancient Egypt is dead, it is not. It always responds to those who seek Knowledge. You just have to know how to awaken these energies. I know. And I’ve been sharing that knowledge in my seminars for 10 years.
I work only in small groups, no more than 12 people. individual tours are possible.
If you are ready to join us in our unique journeys, contact us
Phone number: +7 921 905-02-07
Email: info@piramidaspb.ru

Victoria Vakhrusheva